Monday, 18 May 2015

Energy Transmission System for Artificial Heart

Human being is one of the most wonderful living thing in this world. The main organ for this living being is the heart. This heart pumps and circulates the blood to all the other organs in the body. But if once the paths through which the blood pumps gets closed then the pumping of blood is stopped, which leads to death of every living being. So, for proper pumping is done with the energy lying within the living creature. But, if once the energy is not sufficient then, the situation leads to  death of the living being. So here is a new transmission technique through which the artificial heart gets pumped with blood. 

In this technique we use a electrical circulatory assist devices such as total artificial heart or ventricular assist devices generally use a brushless dc motor as their pump. This system requires 12 to 35 watts of power, a portable battery backup and a dc-dc converter. It requires a transcutaneous transformer to supply power to the motor which helps to pumps the blood to the artificial heart and then circulates to the other parts in the body. The secondary of the transformer is placed inside the skin and primary is placed above the skin. The range of distance in between both the windings of the transformer will be almost equal to patient’s skin thickness. The phenomenon known as magnetizing inductance is done here through the flow of current through the coils so the most of the primary current will flow through the secondary through which the motor gets enough energy to pump the blood successfully through the artificial heart.

Article By:
G Madhu
Sphoorthy Engineering College

Sphoorthy Engineering College

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