Saturday, 2 May 2015

Crime and Media

If we go through the newspaper of the day, it will end up with the news elucidating the crimes around the city rather than the news describing the inventions or schemes which makes people benefitted by it. I could clearly make statement that newspapers are becoming crime magazine with full of bloodshed pictures on the next day of the crime took place. Likewise even electronic media is also deteriorating situation than any other media with the technologies they adopted. Are they working according to their ethics? Absolutely I could say “No”.

Whatever the media, it’s electronic or print media; their intention is to bring out the news from the place where sunlight couldn’t even pass through. Whether it is crime news or anything else, they want it to be presented by themselves at first to get over from the competitors. Even common man in the village can make out that these media are meant for business in the name of public service and media also knew that common man in village predicted their tactics which are used to enhance the business. Are they up to what they meant for? Absolutely we will hear a voice of million people saying “No” in response to the above question.

Now days, news channel are emerging like unwanted plants growing in barren lands and they got more enough time to present news in their styles. They will zoom in and out the flash news with attracting colors along with video at the corner of the screen and repeat the same news until they find it bore. If city remains calm, then they will make show on crimes casting the people in it and make us clear how crime had happened through this people in the show. Are they doing those shows to take safety measures from repeating these sorts of crime at their nearby locality?

Few people are considering this stuff in positive way and ensuring themselves from becoming prey to these crimes, but some people are making full use of it as e-learning to do crimes without leaving clues. This sort of shows on crime is like waking up the sleeping lion by piercing needle.

Sravan Kumar G
Assistant Professor 
CSE Department
Sphoorthy Engineering College.

Sphoorthy Engineerng College

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